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Self-taught photographer since 5 years, ... Whether canine photos, children, landscape or flowers, I always look for creativity and artistic side in my work.


The collection PHENIX'S DOG STAR is dedicated to Canine Photo. It is not reserved for the Huskies, or champions dogs, or even to breed dogs, when canine friends welcome mixed race.

Children are a wonderful subject to photograph, to the delight of their family, capture: a smile, their joy of living, before the time goes by too fast ...

My pictures are made ​​with professional equipment (image quality 18 Mp - 5184 x 3456 px) Photos are treated to the most loyal and are worthy photos of magazines.

Through this collection, I would show you my passion for my love for the Photograpy and World Canin. I already shared you my passion of painting, in which I made ​portraits of your faithful companion. Now I offer my talents and services as photographer Canin Independent. My goal is to provide you with beautiful memories of your dogs with pictures of great qualities and you share my passion. "Shoot all the love in the eyes of your companion is a magical moment."

I also offer my services to breeders who desire to have beautiful professional photos of their dogs, taking pictures of extension, laying photos and head, indoors or outdoors.

If you are interested to photograph your dog, know the price list and my availability, please contact me by e-mail: phenix_lea@mac.com


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